Magento Integration

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Magento Integration is an effectual methodology for boosting the existing efficiencies of your ecommerce solution.With Magento integration, we integrate dynamic functionalities in your current Magento implementation to expand the capabilities of your online business seamlessly.

We, at Digiit are committed towards bringing in more and more possibilities to build timeless and most contemporary solutions for our clients. The Magento integration services that we provide emphasize on standardizing and empowering your online selling exposure.

We leverage our vast eCommerce development experience and out extensive knowledge in different functionalities, to enhance your Magento solution’s capabilities through different tools and extensions for POS, CRM, Digital marketing, Reporting and Analytics. Our entire focus is always on creating highly results oriented and utility driven dependable online business solutions to keep you areas of your competitors in your eCommerce endeavors.

Magento Theme or template Integration
Magento Paypal and Google Checkout Integration
Magento Drupal and Joomla Integration
Magento SAP and QuickBooks Integration
Magento ERP Integration
Magento CRM and WordPress Integration
Magento OpenERP Integration
Magento eBay and Amazon Integration
Magento Facebook Integration
Magento Blog Integration
affordable Magento Integration Services

We are one of the leading Magento integration services providers operating from India and serving a global clientele. Our team of experts possesses profound understanding pertaining to the integration of third party modules, components and APIs which fit in the purpose impeccably while boosting overall quality and performance. Our Magento integration services comply with international standards and are well tested for scalability, security and performance. We understand that technology is changing at a fast pace and one needs to be swift in adopting up to the minute technology advancements, and this is what we do for you.

Here are some of the astounding benefits which you can avail by choosing us as your Magento Integration solutions providers

we will incredibly synchronize different parts of your online business subsuming taxes, shipping, inventory, accounting and many more.
We help you gain better control over your online marketing campaigns and existing customer data with Magento integration.
We aid you in enhancing your SEO rankings, preparing advanced reports and add powerful payment gateways to your online eCommerce solutions.
We help you remove any duplicity and data entry errors, and support you in making improved business decisions.

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eBay Integration

We help your Business to Accomplish the Novel Heights of Perfection

eBay is a multinational online marketplace which has localized itself in more than 30 countries across the continents. With a customer base of more than 250 million people worldwide, it boasts about 10 million product listings at any given time. Certainly, eBay offers astounding opportunity for any online business that wishes to trade online. Seizing this incredible opportunity will help your business gain optimum visibility in the global market ensuring better sales. All you need for this is our eBay integration service.

We, at Digiit , provide you the most advanced eBay integration services that will update your eBay page with the products that you have chosen without any manual intervention. Our affordable eBay Integration services deliver the following advantages:

Sales management and intuitive orders
Real time uploading of inventory to eBay channel
Multiple accounts integration via single interface
End listing on eBay as soon as products go out of stock
Automatic re-listing of items linked with stock
Shipment handling and courier via single interface
Automatic synchronization of stock levels
Integration of multiple eBay accounts
Automatic uploading of shipping information after dispatching an order
Automatic downloading of new eBay orders
affordable eBay Integration services

Digiit possess exhaustive expertise in eBay integration and our team of professionals utilizes their experience in the field to offer the finest services exceeding the expectations of the clients. We handle projects of every size, ranging from basic implementations to end-to-end implementation, configuration and testing of the eBay integration. We can also provide a comprehensive training to your staff for adding additional product categories and products to the existing listings. We also facilitate our clients with comprehensive turnkey solutions where our team performs all the required tasks in a time efficient and expertise oriented manner.

Selling facility on eBay with flexibility to upload any number of items at once

Access to eBay schedule, orders and listings at a single place

Easier ways for holding auctions on your website

Freedom for managing fixed price auctions and automatic notifications for the highest bidders

Creation of greatest customer loyalty by awarding them with points for desired actions

Robust and powerful in-built security systems

Provision for your customers to build their wish lists

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Prestashop Integration

We strive for a new uplift of your business

PrestaShop eCommerce solution was initially developed to take advantage of the essential innovations in Web 2.0 including next generation ergonomy and AJAX powered features. The most astounding feature of PrestaShop is that it guides its users through your organization’s product catalogs effortlessly and intelligently, turning a majority of intrigued visitors into paying customers.

If you are looking for a robust and feature-rich ecommerce solution, then PrestaShop is what you need. Despite its advanced functionality and technical sophistication, the Presta-shop eCommerce solution is extremely easy to use as compared to its other eCommerce counterparts.

Digiit is leading PrestaShop Integration Solution provider that emphasizes on developing a comprehensive understanding of the architecture of your online eCommerce store and accordingly performs integration of the most suitable and best APIs to enhance its reach, functionality and effectiveness. For aiding our clients with a considerable improvement in the product sales, we integrate the PrestaShop stores with Amazon and eBay APIs in an exceedingly seamless manner.

We also provide highly effectual and results driven PrestaShop Template Integration solutions where we ensure that the templates possess SEO optimized markups and are W3C valid. The PrestaShop integration services that we offer under our eCommerce integration umbrella subsume:

Why should you choose PrestaShop Integration Solution?

Simplifies multiple shopping cart management
Customer and merchant focused administration panel
Functionality enhancement, scalability enablement and multiple module integration
Support for a broad array on international currencies and languages

PrestaShop Integration services that we offer

PrestaShop Template Integration
PrestaShop Theme Integration
PrestaShop Design Integration with swift technical support
PrestaShop CRM Integration
Google sitemaps integration subsuming implementation of Google Analytics
PrestaShop Integration with POS systems
PrestaShop ERP Integration
Custom PrestaShop integration with social media
Integration with custom accounting software

We majorly focus on providing the best PrestaShop theme integration services to our clients with highly intuitive navigation elements and completely optimized graphics. We also offer expertise oriented PrestaShop ERP Integration services, where we integrate the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to synchronize business processes and operational activities. These help in reducing the business overloads significantly whilst augmenting the productivity of your online eCommerce store considerably.

Our team of PrestaShop Integration Solution professionals helps our clients by offering them reliable recommendations and insights for enhancing the sales and effectiveness of their online eCommerce store. We ensure that our PrestaShop integration solutions enable you to meet even the most complex challenges quite easily. Thus, you can completely rely on Digiit for all your PrestaShop integration requisites.

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Amazon Integration

We make use of some of the most proper and crystal clear means

We, at Digiit extend your online eCommerce store’s reach by positioning your products before millions of shoppers across the globe, by integrating your online store with Amazon. Amazon is one of the most renowned online stores that have maintained its top position for last 10 years. In these 10 years, it has only grown and there is still no sign of relinquishment of their spot as one of the top players in the online retail marketplace. With this in consideration, it makes sense for any online e-Store to leverage the systems of Amazon for enhancing their sales.

Your success starts with powerful Amazon integration powered by a team of experienced professionals delivering world-class information which is always in sync with your online retail a system, subsuming fulfillment and order data, inventory and product attributes.

Our easy to use yet innovative classification tools facilitate quick launches of products and ongoing changes to the products. Management of your data feeds and automated monitoring subsuming performance alerts deliver an industry leading channel for error resolution.

We know that a robust Amazon integration is only the beginning. Our Amazon integration Services equip you with the right set of tools that have been designed to handle the most unique and complex challenges and is ideally impeccable for connecting your own retail systems with Amazon marketplace. Right from the mapping of the products to the right Amazon browse nodes to automatic data feed processing & data feed monitoring, we, at Digit Consulting Services provide easy to use tools and services essential for augmenting revenue through your Amazon marketplace efficiently and quickly.

Why choose us?

We provide proven Amazon integration services that resolve data deficiencies and are in sync with seller’s retail systems for providing highest quality of data to Amazon.
We work with existing Amazon sellers for upgrading current feed categorization rules and software versions.
We provide easy to use and highly innovative classification tools for launching new products and automated monitoring; for making ongoing changes to product assortments and for management of data feeds.
We provide you mist efficient tools to help you gain control over every individual aspect of your product catalog and your re-pricing campaign to enhance your profitability.
We deploy up to the minute mapping configuration for making Amazon classification process simpler.
We ensure that your Amazon integration complies completely with the policies of Amazon marketplace.

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Fedex, UPS, USPS Integration

We provide that Winning Edge in this ever Growing Global Competition

Fedex, UPS and USPS are the leading names in shipping service providers throughout the world. Adding these modules in your online ecommerce store, you can ease your shipping process. These service providers offer extensive and efficient shipping services all across the continents, and thus when you integrate these modules with your online store, you augment its functionality and reach.

Certainly, adding these leading names into your online shopping application turn it into a powerful and contemporary shopping solution, as it equips your buyers to track their orders in real time within a couple of hours of placement of their orders. Moreover, buyers are empowered to compare the shipping prices and select the best service that suits their requisites perfectly. This certainly aids in enhancing the overall user experience and reduce the associated costs significantly that would otherwise be incurred with queries of buyers pertaining to their status of shipment.

Digiit offer our clients the shipping integration services with some of the most popular shipping names in the world subsuming Fedex, USPS, and UPS into one component suite

Additionally, we combine the major capabilities of different shippers into robust interfaces, whilst simplifying access to multiple carriers in an online eCommerce application.

The services that we offer under our Fedex, UPS and USPS integration include:

Integration of Fedex, UPS and USPS shipping and tracking services into your supply chains and online applications.

Direct connection to all the major carriers for real time tracking information andrate quotes.

Generation of international and domestic labels

Calculation of shipping rates for all the available shipping services

Lightweight and small components use, with no dependencies on any external libraries.

Comprehensive technical support

Real time tracking and rates help you achieve customer satisfaction

We help you deploy exceedingly flexible shipping rate rules and other attractive features like shipment to multiple addresses listed within same order. We also provide quick tracking of processed order in real time and aid them with real time shipping rates during the checkout process, which in turn increases the efficiencies and increases customer satisfaction.

Some unique features of our Fedex, UPS and USPS integration services include:

Direct creation of shipping items from real-time dashboard
Selection of shipping preferences and validation of addresses
Automatic bulk fulfillment by selecting the items to be fulfilled
24 X 7 self-service center for customers where they can view all their information including shipment status, and order and payment history

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Paymentech, Elavon, Paypal Integration

We help your Business to Beat the Odds

The success of an online eCommerce store depends on multiple factors, one of which is an efficient payment partner. We, at Digit Consulting Services offer astounding Paymentech, Elavon, and PayPal Integration services to aid our clients with powerful and feature-rich shopping cart payment solutions.

The payment partners like Paymentech, Elavon, and PayPal are secure, faster and easier ways to get paid online or to make online payments. With these efficient payment gateways, the online e-Stores can enjoy a considerable sales augmentation of up to 18% and over 14% savings on credit card processing costs. Additionally, Paymentech, Elavon, and PayPal are reputed named worldwide, and thus when you add these on your eCommerce store, you add a credibility and trust to your website which can help you tap millions of active buyers from all across the globe who look out for a safer and secure way to pay.

We possess unmatched expertise in ecommerce integration

We offer a wide array of benefits when you choose our Paymentech, Elavon, and PayPal integration services

We deliver a seamless shopping cart checkout experience by giving your completely customized pages for Paymentech, Elavon, and PayPal with the logos and color scheme of your choice.
Our integrated payment partners give you facilities related with shipping calculator includingpay for postage, printing of shipping labels and many more.
Our auto-return feature helps your buyers to automatically return to your website after they have completed the payment process
Our comprehensive online reports facility aids you to manage your business effectively and measure your sales efficiently
Our integration services are easy to implement as they are not bounded by any CGI script and improve your buyer’s shopping experience considerably by deploying industry leading security setups.
We give you backend integration and facility to accept payment through a number of payment channels and mediums.

We possess unmatched expertise in ecommerce integration and thus, deliver the most advanced and robust payment partners that help you provide your customers the most up to the minute, secure and easy to use payment solutions. Our payment integration not only give your desktop customers an enhanced shopping experience but also optimize the checkout experience for your mobile buyers too. These secure payment partners accept payments in over 190 countries across the globe and charge a minimal transaction fee.

Our teams of dexterous professionals of ecommerce integration extend optimum support to our clients and perform the integration in very short span of time.

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