Installation and Hosting

We give you Best OpenERP/ODOO Installation and Hosting Services suiting your Business Needs

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a combination of various software packages, named modules, which are essential for the functioning of any organization. These packages enhance the effectiveness of every department, facilitate product statistics in real time and optimize the decision making process. The sharing of a coherent and single information systems facilitate effective internal and external communication

The use of OpenERP/ODOO gives businesses better control over costs enables optimized use of business processes, payment monitoring, state of stocks and many more. But for any size and type of business, implementation of an OpenERP/ODOO system is a critical process and to ensure a successful execution of an OpenERP/ODOO implementation, not only the project team needs to be extremely committed but business leaders are required to have a clear vision and proper planning besides focusing on ROIs and cost.

At Digit , entrepreneurship and innovation define our identity. Over the years, we have acquired significant experience in installation, implementation and hosting of OpenERP/ODOO systems. We are pioneers in technical and functional consulting around OpenERP/ODOO and its end to end implementation. Our team of OpenERP/ODOO technical experts and functional consultants possesses outstanding competencies in this area which give us an edge over our counterparts.

Our OpenERP/ODOO hosting services are an excellent choice for clients who are looking forward for ready to use instances of OpenERP

Our impeccable OpenERP/ODOO hosting services eliminate all sorts of management overheads related with running an OpenERP/ODOO installation or application

Comprehensive OpenERP/ODOO feature set
Read to use efficiently developed and managed OpenERP/ODOO instances
Choice of dedicated or cloud hosting services
Wide array of implementation, installation and customization services.
Guaranteed application uptime

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Offshore Development

OpenERP/ODOO equips your business with unmatched capabilities

Digiit is a full service OpenERP/ODOO organization based in India that serves global clientele and offers outstanding offshore OpenERP/ODOO development services. Our cardinal objective is to deliver world-class considered, original, ethical and appropriate OpenERP/ODOO solutions to our clients that aid them in succeeding.

OpenERP/ODOO is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning tool that offers superior design, astounding extensibility and flexibility. A business organization needs thousands of efficient business applications that can enhance the functioning in the organization. OpenERP/ODOO serves this purpose quite impeccably and gives you the required flexibility. Fundamentally, OpenERP/ODOO assimilates all the organizational functions and departments onto a single computer system. OpenERP’s customization integrates all the organizational departments seamlessly and enables them to communicate effectively whilst sharing all the imperative information effortlessly.

We, at Digit completely understand your OpenERP/ODOO development requisites and offer the best development services at highly affordable rates. We are known for developing turnkey solutions for your organization’s ERP requisites.

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Our services include

OpenERP/ODOO customisation
OpenERP/ODOO on demand development
OpenERP/ODOO consulting
OpenERP/ODOO gap analysis
OpenERP/ODOO testing and development
OpenERP/ODOO installation
OpenERP/ODOO support
OpenERP/ODOO maintenance
OpenERP/ODOO migration
OpenERP/ODOO offshore
OpenERP/ODOO implementation
OpenERP/ODOO technical training
OpenERP/ODOO functional training
OpenERP/ODOO consultant training

We offer our OpenERP/ODOO development, installation and integration services to a broad spectrum of industrial niches

With a team of expertise oriented functional and technical OpenERP/ODOO professionals, we perform a thorough analysis of your organizational requisites and offer highly optimized OpenERP/ODOO solutions satisfying your requirements.

We possess an extremely efficiency project management team that ensures that your OpenERP/ODOO development projects are completed within required timeframes and budgets, and possess all the features that were specified under the requirements of the project. Our dedicated developers possess exhaustive experience and thus, leverage their skills to come up with captivating OpenERP/ODOO solutions that can augment the effectiveness of your business processes.

Customer satisfaction, being our prime objective, we ensure that you get what you want and we are there to support your OpenERP/ODOO implementations and installations whenever you need us.

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You Ask and We Serve

Digit has expertise in providing various Services for OpenERP/ODOO which includes Support, Training, Migration, Offshore and Implementation and we have a very lucrative offer to include all of them in our Support Package.

In normal scenarios, support is different from Offshore, but we have come up with a great initiative which includes all services in support packages!

We provide support of OpenERP versions starting from 4.2 to latest stable version.

We provide the state-of-the-art support services as described here

Please find the following Support Packages, buy them and enjoy OpenERPing!


Digit, Your Partner in Expertise

We assure Devotion, Dedication and Commitment Oriented Services

We offer expertise oriented consulting services in OpenERP/ODOO. If you need expert advice in making technological choices in OpenERP/ODOO or any external consultants to define your organizational specifications, we are there to assist you.

We, at Digit , offer you expertise oriented consulting to ensure efficient execution of your projects. We follow a comprehensive approach and offer consulting after analyzing your project’s and organization’s requirements and your key objectives.

Writing specifications and definition of requisites are one of the vital and key phases in an OpenERP/ODOO project lifecycle. It often becomes quite strategic to separate this phase and carry it out individually from the rest of the project in order to get it covered by external consultants. It enables the organizations to have an external opinion that is not related to the development phase in it, and thus freed from any cost related preoccupations.

We, at Digit in a manner that enables you to define your requisites and specifications accurately and to establish a highly thorough analysis subsuming design analysis, background technologies analysis and a deep-delved analysis of organizational objectives.

Our strategic position in the marketplace and our vast experience in the industry coupled with our management capabilities allow us to carry out consulting projects with unparallel expertise and efficiency. Communication is one of the most imperative aspects of our consulting services, as we indulge in regular communication with our clients to ensure that no stone lefts unturned in their requisite specification and requirements.

We communicate with them to understand the vision of their organization and how they want to shape it in future. After understanding all the aspects carefully, we provide them quality consultancy services that can aid their organization grow and give an edge to their competitors.

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Gap Analysis

We present your business with the Opportunity to be a part of Excellence

Our team helps the top management of the organization to deploy the most suitable ERP solutions

OpenERP/ODOO (back link of ERP services) provide an exceptionally efficient suite of ERP business applications that helps any business organization streamline its business activities and augment the efficiency of each of its departments whilst delivering better ROIs. This comprehensive suite of business applications is customizable, cost effective and highly productive. However for the implementation of OpenERP, you need detailed planning. Another imperative pre-requisite for implementation of OpenERP is GAP Analysis.

The major goal of carrying out GAP analysis services is to identify the gap existing between the current levels of integration of resources with current level of integration. GAP analysis is very important for developing a deep delved insight into the organizational areas which need significant improvement. The process of GAP Analysis subsumes determination, documentation and approval of the variance between the current capabilities and business requirements. To summarize, GAP analysis can be considered as a vital process under ERP implementation that compares the existing business processes with future improvised business processes.

With our GAP Analysis services, we aid our clients to find out the easiest and best ways to make required changes in their business practices for improving their day to day business activities. Our expertise oriented ERP consultants provide you a clear and lucid image of how things should be working in future to achieve optimum productivity.

Though it’s a resource and time consuming process, but our ERP consultants carry out a profound research on the existing business processes to understand where changes are required and what are the best ways to make those changes so that the current working does not gets affected. Our team, after completing the GAP Analysis, helps the top management of the organization to deploy the most suitable ERP solutions that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational processes.

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We leverage our Proven Methodologies to help our Clients with Flawless OpenERP implementation services

OpenERP/ODOO has become one of the most imperative tools in an organization through the metrics including ongoing maintenance or operating costs, initial expense, return on investment and time to value.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, we at, Digit offer highly competitive OpenERP implementation services with a rigorous approach. We not only focus on achieving efficiency and effectiveness in above mentioned metrics, but also ensure that certain additional metrics like impact of OpenERP/ODOO implementation on productivity, disruption in operations and the level of OpenERP/ODOO adoption across the organization. We ensure that our OpenERP/ODOO implementations are efficient enough to avoid any pitfalls like OpenERP/ODOO failed implementations, cost overruns, disruptions in operations, time delays and many more.

We possess OpenERP implementation expertise

OpenERP/ODOO systems impact almost all the aspects of an organization; therefore, the successful implementation of an OpenERP/ODOO project is of utmost importance. The OpenERP/ODOO implementation process subsumes the entire process of integration and deployment of OpenERP/ODOO as a whole and its modules, encompassing its evaluation, specification establishment, deployment planning, software configuration, loading of data, installation and training of the employees for enabling them to make the optimum use of implemented OpenERP.

We leverage our proven methodologies and help our clients with seamless implementations and align the newly installed OpenERP/ODOO systems with your organization’s resources, so that you can reduce your overheads and cists whilst improving your ROI.

Our expertise oriented OpenERP/ODOO consultants aid the organizations reduce the chances of implementation issues by helping them in managing data integration challenges, involved risks and complexities

We offer a broad spectrum of OpenERP implementation services, which include:

Pre-implementation expertise and definition of key performance indicators, OpenERP/ODOO implementation project management

OpenERP/ODOO implementation and change management, OpenERP/ODOO implementation design and configuration

Report Optimisation to speedup report execution, ODOO/OpenERP instance synchronisation with Bucardo and Slony

OpenERP/ODOO implementation data conversion and quality control, Business process improvements using OpenERP/ODOO implementation

Postgres Database tuning and indexing, Data Migration from any database/Excel/csv to ODOO/OpenERP

Auto Database Backup of ODOO/OpenERP instance, Test case design and User Acceptance Testing on ODOO/OpenERP

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