Education ERP

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This Software is actually an Open-Source service of Enterprise Resource Planning Education Management System. Our innovative product, OpenERP/ODOO Education Management Software is surrounding the software of educational management system that is appropriate for universities, schools and colleges because to its amazingly beneficial facets and attributes.

The main purpose of OpenERP/ODOO Education Management Software is to handle any school’s administration with its extremely advanced attributes and facets. The running of all resources is completed in a well-centralized manner however, within a solo administration module.

Our EMS software handles many management modules such as Student, Admin, Payroll, HR, Accounting and also Inventory for hassle-free management procedure

Our services include excellent services such as user-friendly control panel with the login access, open features for managing Timetable, Examinations, Attendance, Grade-books, Campus News, Hostel, Library etc. Furthermore this system also offers services to the Finance department, HR department and also other departments of the institution. Open ERP EMS provided by us is ready for use

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Manage library books with View/Edit/Delete/Add books options, Add books with custom tag facility, Filter book using available filters, Normal and detail Search for a book, Manage book issue and returns, Initial library setting for courses available, Issued/Renewed book status, Manage books renew.
Human Resource
Manage all employees from admission to exit, Customisable admission form, Manage entire payroll effieciently, Customisable and robust payroll form, Efficient leave management system available, Authenticated payslip approval system, One click payslip approval and reject facilities, Normal and advanced search facility.
Attendance & Timetable
Quick and Easy marking of attendance, Note/Remarks for attendance can be given, Integrate with hardware devices RFID and Biometric, Alerts on various options, Timetable creation in advance, Edit/Delete timetable facility available.
Admission Process
Comprehensive admission form with Unique ID for all students with photo, Multiple guardian addition facility, Emergency contact facility, Previous education details can be recorded and Customisable as per school standards.
Upload and download notes / assignments for the teachers, Online submission of notes / assignments by the students, Teacher can download the assignment submitted and can give the comments on the same via inbuilt document management system with FTP, Webdev, file system and database storage options.

Add/Edit/Delete the vehicles and routes for vehicles, Add destination and cost details, Get Transport Details, Transport Fee facility and receipt generation.

Hotel ERP

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Enterprise resource Planning software provides the management personnel of any industry the proficiencies for the interconnected management of all its business processes. Like any other industry, hotels also need efficient OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software that can streamline the processes and tasks in a hotel. This software is also required to give complete integration of processes and all sorts of management software installed in the hotel.

Our OpenERP HMS is capable of ensuring constant control over all of the activities and processes of your hotel

It certainly is significant management software. It allows the management of the hotel to acquire a completely integrated and continually updated overview of all the departments and activities with the hotel, not just in terms of operations but in terms of efficient planning as well.

Digiit provide an efficient OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software which includes front office management systems for all sorts of hotel operations and encompasses a comprehensive line of OpenERP solutions for many other aspects of hotel operations including CRS (Central Reservation System), CRM, Spa Scheduling and Management, POS Hotel Management Software as well as real-time hotel booking engine.

Choosing our integrated OpenERP/ODOO Hotel Management Software optimizes your hotel’s costs whilst improving your overall productivity. Furthermore, our OpenERP software solutions are equipped with tools that aid you to carry out scrupulous checks any sort of expenses made by the hotel. With this the management can easily detect and eliminate any additional waste cost expenses. We have integrated these solutions seamlessly with our PMS and thus, these are capable of ensuring constant control over all the activities and processes of the hotel.

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Restaurant Management

We help your Business Reach Perfection

As per the old adage, 9 out of 10 new restaurants are not able to succeed and fail in their very first year. Though, it is statistically an exaggeration but is also not very far from the reality. Managing the operations of a restaurant efficiently has become the most significant aspect and a major contributing factor towards its success.

Running a restaurant efficiently and successfully demands expertise oriented food costs analysis, materials management and needs to keep an eye on the developing customer loyalty; and a good OpenERP solution can give you all this

Restaurants needs much more than a great chef and are required to stay viable in this highly competitive environment. This is why more and more restaurateurs are now opting for OpenERP solutions restaurant management solutions which equip them with q comprehensive line up of management software including Reservation Software and POS Restaurant Management Software.

We, at Digiit, can help you gain an efficient control over your restaurant processes by providing you an expertise oriented OpenERP restaurant management solution

Our restaurant management systems equip you with

Improved collaboration and communication
Efficient Track performance
Better business decision making
Efficient control over restaurant expenses


Tablet based order generation

Full touchscreen interface

Waiting queue and table allocation

Customer Reservation

Join/split tables

Automatic Menu Generation by category

Product customization on order

Configurable product description picture and product properties

Inventory management for the raw material per dish

Cook wish dish queue with touch screen interface

Kitchen receipt management

Customer and loyalty points analysis

Cashbox management and credit card payment tracking

Waiter attendance management and time tracking

Payroll management

Various analytical reports with graphical presentation

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Fleet Management

We provide a peculiar view to your business so as to keep it over the edge in the global competition

We, at Digiit offer highly specialized, efficient and easy to deploy OpenERP/ODOO Fleet Management Software which effectively addresses all the business requirements of the rental, transportation, leasing of vehicles and other imperative tasks of fleet management addresses. With efficient and seamlessly integrated OpenERP modules across all operations in the organization, it fosters innovation oriented fleet and resources management strategies, enhances business agility, and boosts profitability and revenue growth.

Key modules of our OpenERP/ODOO Fleet Management Software

Our efficient OpenERP/ODOO solution offers End-to-End Capabilities

Our resourceful OpenERP/ODOO solution helps organizations to streamlines its processes across all the businesses through the following key modules:

Leasing, Rental and Fleet management
Document Management
Human Resources
Business Intelligence
Financial Accounting
Auto workshop
Vehicle general and spare part procurement

The business benefits which our OpenERP/ODOO Fleet Management Software offers subsume

User-definable tariff structures and Cost savings and better control over deadlines

Unified fleet management capabilities across leasing and short-term business lines

Augmented customer satisfaction as we provide online access to a qualified team of technical and general support personnel

Better decision making with real-time access to imperative business information and customized reporting tools

Push button based electronic access to invoices, contacts, recipients and non-revenue tickets etc.

Better traffic line recovery using streamlines processes and analysis reports

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Construction & Manufacturing

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Being a company within the construction, manufacturing and engineering industry, you face several challenges subsuming cost collection and accurate bids, along with effective management of complex construction and manufacturing projects, billing and change orders. Digiit’ OpenERP/ODOO Construction & Manufacturing Management an industry specific OpenERP solution understands your industrial niche and thus, seamlessly integrates into your existing construction, manufacturing and technology infrastructure.

Our OpenERP software for construction and manufacturing industry is a visionary blend of global functionality and agile technology that connects and inspires growth and opportunities in your growth

Our OpenERP/ODOO Construction & Manufacturing Management solution is

Developed from the scratch using contemporary service-oriented architecture (SOA) which goes far beyond traditional project based OpenERP systems
Possesses comprehensive project management capabilities subsuming robust resource scheduling, multilevel work breakdown and efficient contract management.
Exhaustive visibility of project based resources including labor, materials, inventory and assets.
Timely and accurate billing of projects through seamless collection of time, expense transactions, materials and labor.
Flexible and strong revenue recognition capabilities subsuming margin control and profitability tracking.
Comprehensive asset management with improved cost reductions and reliability to maintain equipment

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GNU Health

GNU Health solution provides the flexibility, accessibility and freedom of free software to public health

Today, a lot of people across the globe have recognized the significance of health informatics and emphasize that health informatics must be a public good. Thus, every health professional and health center, independently of their budgets and economic status, can improve their citizens’ health care.

This free Health and Hospital Information system can be used by any health center of any size, ranging from multi-lateral organizations, National Health Systems and NGOs to private institutions, & right from small doctor offices to vast hospitals.

This solution was initially developed as “GNU Health”, an NGO which delivers Health and Education using free software.

The core of our Health and Hospital Information System is the focus on disease prevention and health promotion. The health centers can install the required functionalities

Our GNU Health and Hospital Information System cover three imperative aspects including

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Health Information System (epidemiology)

Hospital Information System (general)

We, at Digiit provide this efficient Tryton software to be run on ERP v 3.2

Under our Health oriented Tryton software solution gives you effective and efficient modules for

Patient Clinical Management

Socioeconomic Status


Health Center Management

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